Summer Vacation

Vacation, Jennifer Hail Design

In early August, I had the opportunity to travel to the beach with my boyfriend, his family, and a group of our friends. It was a great trip; we spent a week in Florida soaking up the sun without a care in the world–except for my online Art History course and part-time job. Nonetheless, I made sure to get outdoors with plenty of 70 SPF rubbed in, and I only burned on the last day. If you have seen my skin, you would know that was a miracle!

I carried my Pentax K1000 everywhere, from the beautiful beach wedding to the trips to the grocery store, hoping to pick up film photography as quickly as the days passed. Although I only used one roll while we were there (must have been having too much fun), I am so excited to get my film developed. Hopefully the camera obeyed my commands, or I happened upon some lucky accidents. I’m quite positive that there are some in-the-bag photos, but they don’t have to know that.