Dear Cookies

Brand Development, Styling, and Calligraphy. December 2014

Dear Cookies was created for a design course that prompted me to brainstorm an idea for a business. I combined my love for calligraphy with baking homemade cookies, and turned it into a care package boutique.

I designed a logo, a Squarespace website (this was right before I started learning WordPress), five products, and packaging materials. I also styled the product photography, calculated pricing and shipping costs, and created a Facebook business page and Twitter account. This project packed in a lot of great experience, and I had many people ask me when I was starting the business!

Photography by Katherine Jury

Dear-Cookies-logo.jpg Dear-Cookies-2.jpg Dear-Cookies-1.jpg Dear-Cookies-3.jpg Dear-Cookies-4.jpg Dear-Cookies-5.jpg Dear-Cookies-6.jpg